From Fashionistable
Sophie is an assistant for a media company. She is a London lass and loves the city and her job. Saying that, she has been given the opportunity to go and live and work in NYC for 2 months from January. Lucky her is all I can say, another great city for her to go to and experience. Sophie loves film and told me that she will go to the cinema at least once a week. When she is putting her looks together she said she likes vintage clothes best, 'that way I don't look like everyone else'. She will mix her vintage finds with high street though and likes both Topshop and Zara. We talked about her hair up style and how current it is. She did realise but her main reason for doing it was to give her hair a rest from constant straightening. Her look today is mostly vintage as her bag, coat and jumper are all from vintage stores. Isn't her bag amazing. Her jeans are Topshop and her shoes are good old Converse.