From Fashionistable
Ravi is an Art Director and a very sharp dresser. He was wearing an Aquascutum mac when we started the shoot, but the salmon cardy was too good miss out on so he kindly braved the cool day and the shoot without it. Ravi is 2nd generation Mauritian and of course he still has family there. The last time he visited was 4 years ago for his brothers wedding who was the only sibling to get married in the traditional Hindu way. Ravi's wife is Greek and family is very important to both of them. He told me  his Dad is his style inspiration 'he is so dapper. He is from an era where everyone dressed well (the 60's)'. When he looks at his Dads wedding photos from back then he loves the grey tapered suit and skinny tie he was wearing. Ravi is one of the most positive people I have ever met. He is upbeat and happiness just radiates from him. His philosophy in life is 'be good and good things will happen'. Great philosophy. I totally agree with him on this. Today he is wearing a Uniqlo cardy, Aquascutum shirt, Dunhill tie, Reiss trousers and vintage shoes. While we were chatting Ravi said 'my birthday is next week' when I asked him when he said the 2nd. So today the surprise is that mine is tomorrow. So a Big Happy Birthday to Ravi today and to let you know I will be taking tomorrow off for mine. See you all again Thursday. Love and Kisses Xxxx