From Fashionistable
Sophie is a dancer. When I asked what style she said ballet and commercial. She told me that when she was 11 she went to the Royal Ballet School in London. When we met Sophie was on her way for a coffee with a friend and was constantly moving, wanting to go, wanting to go. Style wise she said she doesn't follow anyone that she just likes what she likes. Here, she is wearing a scarf from the vintage festival at Goodwood earlier this year. Her jumper is from Topshop, the shirt is vintage, trousers she couldn't remember. The X necklace is from a market in Angel and her shoes are from Asos. When I asked her to tell me something surprising she told me she was a stripper. When she was signing the model release and was writing her name she told me that Sophie Apollonia was her stage name. Reading her biog do you think she was maybe having a bit of fun with me re stripping?