From Fashionistable
On a recent trip to the Tate Modern I spotted Sophie. I loved her use of blue. I am amazed I got her in focus. For any of you who know about photography I was shooting on 1000 iso at a 15th of a sec. I normally find a 30th of a sec as good as it gets for me when hand holding and would ideally be shooting on 100 iso. It is a very grainy shot as a result. (OK technical bit over now.) Sophie is from Switzerland but is living in Italy at the moment. In January she will move back to the UK to Oxford write her PHD in Ancient Greek. Smart cookie hey. Also talented. When I asked her to tell me something surprising she told me she was also a dancer and actress. Her style influences are iconic actresses from the 50's. She likes simple classical forms and bright colours. Saying that 'the special thing would be the colour'. Her scarf is by Jeff - can't find a link. sweater is Koan, trousers are Bread Jeans and her beautiful shoes are Louboutin.